Madison Stone
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Madison with short hair
Full Name Madison Ivana Stone
Gender Female
Birthday April 9, 2006
  • 10 inches
  • Chestnut (Wood)
  • Unicorn Hair (Core)
  • Maddie
  • Ivana
  • Stone Chick
  • Girl Who Has Serious Issues
  • Slytherin House
  • Stone Family
  • Hogwarts School
Occupation Student
Portrayer Dianna Agron
Madison Stone is an American witch who recently moved to England. She is very devious, and has a thing for Scorpius Malfoy.

She is a pure-blooded witch, and is excellent at Potions.

Early LifeEdit

Madison grew up as a snob. She was selfish, self-centered, and down right greedy. She used her powers on people she disliked (even if it meant her family). She was also very troubled, for the stupidest reasons (She wasn't hungry, she wasn't pretty, etc.). She didn't have a lot of friends, and was fine with that.

Year OneEdit

Madison is currently in Hogwarts, and got sorted into Slytherin. There, she met Ivy and Scorpius. She has a thing for Scorpius, much to Ivy's dismay. She constantly flirts with Scorpius and other male students in Slytherin.


Madison is considered a pain in the butt. She is very narcissistic, mean, harsh, and sarcastic. Also very impatient, manipulative, and, bossy. And, on top of that, she's very flirtatious. She is only nice to Slytherins, and hates Gryffindors.

Relationships and FriendshipsEdit


Scorpius has had feelings for Madison, but, has never made a move on her, due to the fact he's dating another girl. Madison loves flirting with Scorpius, and is unnaturally close to Scorpius.


Enemies from the moment they met. They are polar opposites, and have always disliked each other.


Not much interaction between the two.


They cannot stand each other. Both are in the same house. All Madison wants is Scorpius, but, Ivy keeps alert on Madison.


  • Although she's very romantic, her relationships last up to a week, and then, she dumps the boy.
  • She hates everything about muggles, and says there's too much in America.
  • Partial Jewish.
  • Patronus is a tiger (showing off her fierce/competitive nature) and her boggart is living with a muggle as their slave.