• You can date anyone from the second. (only if they're single)
  • You can make up someone ONLY in the second generation.
  • You can start out as any year, but you'll move up a year every half a year. (Or so) Ex: You are a first year in September, you'll be a 2nd year in March. And so forth.
  • You start out in September or March, and if you joined later on, pretend that your OC started in September or March.
  • You may date other user's OCs, just be mindful and ask them first. (Or RP it out.)
  • You cannot edit anyone's page, unless if you are the owner. (Sorry, these are rules to protect everyone and to make people satisfied, not confused.)
  • NO Godmodding. There is no tolerance for that (Godmodding is when you're invincible to everything; every hit) They must get some damage.
  • If you want to be a 6th year, or a 7th year, when they graduate, they may still have contact with this wiki by being a teacher's assistant, or a worker. Keep in mind, that the first generation teachers will still be teaching. If you wanna help me out, then you can make a professor. You MUST tell me, and I'll tell you my choice as soon as possible.
  • If you make a professor, you MUST make them a detailed page.