Headmaster professor: Minerva McGongall

Potions professor: Horace Slughorn

Charms professor: Fillius Flitwick

Tranfiguration professor: Minerva McGonagall

Defense Against the Dark Arts professor: EMPTY

Herbology professor: Neville Longbottom

Divinitation professor: Sybill Trelawny

Astrology professor: Aurora Sinistra

Flying teacher/Quidditch professor: Rolanda Hooch

Care of Magical Creatures professor: Reubus Hagrid

Arithmancy professor: Septima Vector

Muggle Studies professor: EMPTY

History of Magic professor: Cuthbert Binns


Advanced Arithmancy Studies professor: EMPTY

Magical Art professor: EMPTY

Ghoul Studies professor: EMPTY

Magical Music professor: EMPTY

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